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Ten Blessed Companions

Ten Blessed Companions Paper 1

        H.Umar Bin Khattab was born in 582 ad and belonged to the tribe of Banu Adi.Prophet(s) prayed for his conversion. He(s) said,"O Allah help Islam with the strength of Umar bin Khattab or Abu Jahal". He accepted Islam when muslims migrated to Abyssinnia. One day, he decided to kill Prophet(s) but he got the information that his sister Fatima and her husband Saeed bin Zaid have accepted Islam. He rushed towards their house and as soon he saw them he started beating her husband. At that time she saw her brother torturing her husband. After H.Umar bin Khattab heard the recitation of Surah Taha by Khabab bin Arat he stopped performed Wadu, H.Fatima guided him and he read the Quran so he could learn what is it. As soon as he read he rushed towards Prophet(s) and accepted Islam.

           Before his acceptance he use to persecute people, was an enemy of Islam , and decided to kill Prophet(s). After his conversion Muslims became stronger and could pray openly. He commended fear upon his enemies. He migrated to madinah without ant secrecy. He said If anyone who wants his children orphaned, wives widowed and parents weep should stop him from migrating. No One asked him to stop.
           He took part in all Battles and helped Prophet(s) in Battle of Uhad when most muslims went back. He donatd half of his household for Tabuk Expedition.He gave his daughther H.Hafsa to Prophet(s) for marriage. He got the Title "Faruq" the one who distinguishes between the right and wrong. He had a Moral and Ideal character. He lived a simple and a truly Islamic life after accepting Islam. He helped the poor and needy.His clothes often had patches on them.
          Prophet(s) said,"I see devil either from humans or Jin , runs away from Umar". H.Huzaifa reports that He(s) also said,"You must follow Abubakar and Umar after my death". He also was a scribe of Quran. He gave the Idea of Adhan.
           Prophet(s) also said,"If some else Prophet would have been proposed bu Allah after me , would have been Umar bin Khattab". He was killed by Feroz Abu Lulu in 644 ad and is buried next to Prophet(s). He also got the title of  "Ameer ul momnin" Commander of faithful , when he was a Caliph.

 H.Usman Bin Affan was born in 579 ad in Taif and belonged to the tribe of Bani Ummayah. He accepted Islam when his friend H.Abubakar insisted him. He was the fourth man and the first Ummayad to accept Islam. When he accepted Islam his uncle used to wrap him in mat and beat him until he was tired. Then he used to put up a fire underneath him to suffocate him.
                   He was a wealthy trader . He migrated twice once with his wife Ruqqaya to Abyssinia then to Medina. During the boycott of Quraish he ensured supply of Provisions to Muslims. He bought a well from a Jew for 20,000 Dir hams for Muslims. He provided money for the extension of Masjid e Nabwi after treaty of Hudaibiya. He freed many slaves who were mistreated and tortured by their masters.
                 He took part in all battles except battle of Badr in which his wife Ruqqaya was severely ill. at the treaty of Hudaibiya he negotiated with the Makkans and this showed the trust and confidence Prophet(s) had on him. In the Tabuk Expedition he provided 1000 Gold dinars and 300 camel laden with grains.
               After the death of Prophet(s) daughter Ruqqaya Prophet(s) gave H.Usman H.Umm-e-Kulsum for marriage. At this he got the title of Zun-Nurain (The Processor of two lights). He was Extremely Generous so he got the title of Ghani'.
                Prophet(s) said,"O God be I am pleased with Usman, I beg you to be please with him".About his modesty He(s) said ,"Even the angels of God envy the modesty of Usman".He(s) Said,"For every Apostle of Allah there was a constant companion and my companion in paradise will be Usman".Prophet(s) also said that if he had another daughter he would give Her to marriage with H.Usman.
               He was Martryed in 656 ad and was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi.He also got the title of Jama-e-Quran for compilation of Quran and burning copies with mistakes.He was One of the Scribes of the Quran.

Hazrat Abu Bakr:

● Friend of the Prophet since childhood

● One of the 1st converts to Islam
● Suffered persecution at hands of Quraish – hair pulled out while defending the Prophet
● Freed many slaves such as Hazrat Bilal
● Believed without any reluctance the incident of Mairaj
● Married his daughter to Prophet
● Accompanied the Prophet on migration to Yasrib
● Prophet consoled him while the two were in the cave of Saur and he was scared
● Paid for the plot of Masjid-e-Nabawi
● Shared camel at Battle of Badr
● He formed defensive ring around Prophet at Battle of Uhad
● Gave a hefty financial contribution at the Tabuk expedition
● Participated in expeditions to Hunain, Khyber, Taif, Syria
● Appointed Ameer-e-Hajj in 9AH
● Led prayers during Prophet’s illness
● While Prophet was dying, all doors of the mosque were closed except the 1 leading to           his apartment
● Steadied the mourning community after Prophet’s death and was appointed 1st caliph

Hazrat Umar:

● Reputation of the fiercest men of Makkah

● Prophet prayed for his conversion to Islam
● His conversion boosted the morale of Muslims
● He protected the Prophet from attacks
● Migrated to Medina and took farming as a profession
● He married his daughter to the Prophet
● Formed a defensive around the Prophet at Uhad
● Helped in the digging of trench at the Battle of Trench
● Offered financial support at the Tabuk Expedition
● Objected to the terms of the treaty of Hudaybia
●  Persuaded muslims to accept Prophet’s decision to retreat when they could not capture Taif
● Took part in expeditions towards north organized in the last years of the Prophet
● Known as Farooq-e-Azam

Hazrat Usman:

● Amongst the early converts

● Accepted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Abu Bakr
● Suffered persecution
● Married to Prophet’s daughter, Ruqqaya
● Migrated to Abyssinia
● Migrated to Medina
● Did not take part in Badr because wife was sick
● After death of first wife, married another daughter of the Prophet
● Called Zun nurain – possessor of two lights
● Messengers of Muslims at treaty of Hudaybia
● Rode near the Prophet at Conquest of Makkah
● Escorted Prophet’s wives at the farewell pilgrimage
● Financially helped the Muslims at Tabuk expedition
● Paid for the extension of Mosque of the Prophet
● Known as Ghani – generous

Hazrat Ali:

● Son of Abu Talib, Prophet’s uncle

● Prophet bought him to his place to relieve burden on his uncle
● Early convert – accepted Islam at 10 years
● Slept in Prophet’s bed at the time of migration and returned valuables which people had left with the Prophet
● Married to Prophet’s daughter – Fatima
● Shared camel with Prophet at Badr
● Sent as scout to discover enemy’s movement at Badr
● Single combatant at Badr
● Carried Muslim banner at Badr
● Carried Muslim Banner at Uhad after original bearer was killed
● Formed defensive ring at Uhad
● Single combatant at Trench
● Amongst the leaders at siege of Banu Qurayza
● Used door as a shield at Khyber Expedition
● Defended Prophet at Hunain Expedition
● Carried Muslim banner at Conquest of Makkah
● Scribe of the treaty of Hudaybia
● Read new teachings in Hajj in 9 AH
● Washed dead body of Prophet
● Was not present at the selection of 1st caliph but did not press hard his claim to caliphate\

Hazrat Talha:

● Early convert

● Accepeted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Abu Bakr
● Accompanied Hazrat Sawdah, Hazrat Fatima and Hazart Umme Kulsoom on the       migration to Medina
● Prophet sent him to check the whereabouts of Makkan caravan at Badr
● Hence he could not participate in th battle itself
● Deflected a sword aimed at the Prophet with his own hands –got 75 wounds
● Fingers of that hand remained useless throughout his life
● Known as living martyr
● Present at the treaty of Hudaybia
● His bravery led to the victory at Battle of Hunain
● Known as Fayyaz – the generous one
● Donated wealth to the poor and led a simple life
● Member of the Islamic council during 1st and 2nd caliphates
● Amongst the 6 chosen by Hazrat Umar as his successor to caliphate
● Fought the battle of Camel against Hazrat Ali and died in 35 AH

Hazrat Zubair:

● Cousin of the Prophet

● Nephew of Hazrat Khadija
● Early convert
● His uncle would wrap him in a mattress and set it on fire
● He did not renounce his faith saying that he must die as a believer
● Migrated to Abyssinia
● Fought at the Battle of Badr and Uhad
● Amongst the leader of Muslim force on their entry to Makkah
● Married to Abu Bakr’s daughter
● Amongst the 6 chosen by Hazrat Umar as his successor to caliphate
● Fought the battle of Camel against Hazrat Ali and died in 35 AH

Hazrat Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah:

● Early convert

● Accepted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Abu Bakr
● Suffered persecution
● Migrated to Abyssinia
● Killed his own father army at the Battle of Badr
● Used his teeth to extract the metal links of the helmet straps from Prophet’s cheek at Uhad
● Was declared judge by the Prophet for a Najran delegation
● Leader of one of the squadrons of conquest of Makkah
● Led expeditions to Dhul-al-qassa and al-khabbat
● Went on expedition to Syria
● Nominee for 1st caliphate
● Conquered Damascus
● Known as Ameen-ul-Ummat

Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas:

● Maternal uncle of the Prophet

● Early convert
● Accepted Islam on the invitation of Hazrat Abu Bakr
● First one to have shed blood for Islam
● Participated at Badr
● Prophet handed him arrows to shoot at Uhad
● Present at the treaty of hudaybia
● Took part in conquest of Makkah
● Leader of Battle of Qadisiya during 2nd caliphate
● Governor of Kufa during 3rd caliphate
● Was offered the 4th caliphate but he refused
● Did not pay homage to Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Abdur Rehman Bin Auf:

● Early convert

● Accepted Islam on Hazrat Abu Bakr’s invitation
● Suffered persecution
● Kalab was his’ and Prophet’s common ancestor
● Migrated to Abyssinia
● Paired with Ansar Saad Bin Al-Rabi
● Started selling cheese and butter to earn a living
● Soon established as a wealthy merchant who sent out trading caravans
● Shared his camel with Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar at the Battle of Badr
● Got 21 wounds at Uhad
● Gave shoulder to the Prophet on his son, Ibrahim’s death
● Leader of raid at Dumat-al-Jandal
● Prophet said a prayer behind him at a voyage
● Appointed Ameer-e-Hajj during Hazrat Abu Bakr’s caliphate

Hazrat Saeed Bin Zaid

●  His father had given up idol worship

●  He was an early convert
●  His wife was Hazrat Umar’s sister
●  He could read and wrire
●  Was sent to check the Makkan caravan at Badr
●  Commander of army that conquered Syria in the 2nd caliphate
●  Conquered Damascus
●  Made governor of Damascus but resigned due to love for Jihad

(Sir Iftikhar ul haq)

Ten Blessed Companions 

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