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Prophet(s)'s Wives

Prophet’s Wives:

1. Hazrat Khadija:

 Prophet’s first wife
● Only wife of the Prophet until she died
● Mother of the only surviving children of the Prophet
●  Helped Prophet most in his early years
●  15 years older than the Prophet
● Before marrying the Prophet, she had been married twice and widowed
●  Was a renowned female trader of her times
●Hired Prophet for a trade trip to Syria after hearing accounts of his trustworthiness
● Her slave girl, who accompanied the Prophet on the trip, told her how well he had handled the affairs
●  In 595 A.D she sent a marriage proposal to the Prophet
●  It was accepted on the Prophet’s behalf by his uncle
● She gave the Prophet moral and financial support, which alleviated many of his worries
● They lived together for 25 years, and had six children, 2 of whom died in infancy
● She comforted and reassured the Prophet after he came home with his heart beating severely after receiving the first revelation
● She took him to her cousin and Christian scholar, Warqah Bin Naufil
● Was the 1st person to accept Islam and learn how to pray
●Remained with the Prophet throughout and suffered persecution with him
● Spent her wealth in the way of Islam
● She was buried in Makkah

2. Hazrat Sawdah:

● 2nd wife of the Prophet
● Married in 620 A.D
●Married the Prophet few months after Hazrat Khadija’s death
● She was 30 years old and the Prophet was 50
●She was a widow and amongst the early converts to Islam
● She had migrated to Abyssinia along with her husband
● Took care of the Prophet and his children
● Migrated to Medina once her apartment had been built over there
● Was very punctual about prayers
● Wholeheartedly welcomed the new wives of the Prophet
●Did not even perform the Umra after the Prophet’s directive to not leave the house
● Narrated 5 traditions
● Died in 23 AH

3. Hazrat Aisha:

 Amongst the favorite most wives of the Prophet
● Daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr
● Prophet visited her house since her childhood
● She was six when the Prophet married her
● Their marriage was solemnized in Medina
● Prophet used to play games with her
● Held special  place in Prophet’s life
● Her beauty and lively character attracted him to her
● The hypocrites played a role in slander against her after she was seen coming home from a fair with an unknown man; however verses of Quran were revealed to prove her innocence
● During his last days, the Prophet requested to be shifted to her apartment and even died in her lap
● She was 18 when the Prophet died
● She lived quietly during the 1st two caliphates
● Showed disagreements over the policies of the 3rd caliph, but opposed killing him
● Fought the Battle of Camel – which she lost and was escorted back with privilege
● She freed many slaves
● Hazrat Umar kept for her double allowance in pensions for widows
● She was often sought be leading muslims and her approval was considered important
● She narrated 2210 Ahadis and has a whole section on her name in Hanbal’s Musnad
● Died in 58 AH and buried in Medina

4.Hazrat Hafsah:

  Daughter of Hazrat Umar
● Married to Hunais
● Migrated to Abyssinia
● Husband died in Battle of Badr
● Prophet married her in 3 AH to strengthen ties with Hazrat Umar
● Lived with Hazrat Aisha and Sawdah and became their good friend
● Spent her time reading and writing
● She was fasting when the Prophet died
● She kept in her safe custody the mushaf-e-hafsa
● Asked her brother to distribute all her property amongst the poor  at her death bed
● Narrated 60 ahadis
● Died in 45 AH

5. Hazrat Zainab binte Khuzaymah

  Daughter of Khuzaymah bin Abdullah
● Married to Abdullah bin Jahsh
● Husband died at Battle of badr
● Prophet married after a year after she was widowed to give her protection
● She was called Umm-ul-Masakin due to her generosity
● She died within three months of her marriage to the Prophet
● The Prophet himself led her funeral prayers
● She is buried in Jannat-al-Baqi

6.  Hazrat Umme-Salamah:

  Amongst the early converts who migrated to Abyssinia
● 1st woman to migrate to Yasrib
● Her husband was wounded in Uhad and passed away at another expedition, leaving behind many children
● She initially refused to the Prophet’s proposal to marry but later agreed on persuasion
● She went to battles with the Prophet
● Suggested that the Prophet give Sadqa after the treaty of Hudaybia
● Her style of recitation was identical to that of Prophet’s
● Narrated 378 ahadis
● Died in 60 AH and buried in Jannat-al-Baqi

7.  Hazrat Zainab Bin Jahsh:

 1st cousin of the Prophet
● Married to Zaid bin Haris
● She did not want to marry Zaid since he was a slave but she did so on Prophet’s insistence
● However her marriage with Hazrat Zaid was unsuccessful and they got divorced
● Then the Prophet proposed to marry her
● She was initially reluctant but got married after orders to do so came in the Quran
● Bought along a dowry of 400 dirhams
● Used to do needle work to meet expenses
● After the death of the Prophet, she refused to take allowance from the state and gave it to the needy
● Was the first one to die after Prophet’s death in 20 AH

8. Hazrat Jawaria Binte Haris:

● She was a captive taken from an expedition against Banu Mustaliq in 5 AH
● Given to Sabit Bin Qaisin as booty
● She wanted to pay her ransom and be free
● Prophet saw her nobility and agreed to pay ransom and marry her
● Likewise all her tribesmen were freed
● Her father  - a tribal chief -  also converted to Islam
● She died in 50 AH

9.  Hazrat Umme Habibah:

● Former name was Ramlah
● Daughter of Abu Sufyan
● Early convert
● Migrated to Abyssinia with husband, Ubaidullah bin Jahsh
● There he converted to Christianity so she divorced him
● On hearing this, the Prophet married her and built for her an apartment
● When her father came to see the Prophet she did not allow him to sit in the Prophet’s bed
● Took food and water for Hazrat Usman while he was besieged during his caliphate
● Died in 44 AH

10. Hazrat Saffiya Binte Huyyay:

● Daughter of a Jew: Huyyay Bin Akhtab – one of Prophet’s leading opponents
● Left Medina when her tribe, Banu Nadir, was exiled in 3 AH
● In 6 AH, muslims conquered Medina, where her tribe was settled
● She was initially given to another Muslim, but when the Prophet saw him, he put his cloak on her as a sign of marrying
● This is why she was called the chosen one
● She accepted Islam from the Prophet
● Narrated many ahadis
● Died in 50 AH

 11.Hazrat Maimoona:

● She had been married before twice and was a widow
● She was sister in law of Hazrat Abbas, Prophet’s uncle
● Hazrat Abbas suggested her marriage to the Prophet while he was performing Umra in 7 AH
● Prophet propsed her during pilgrimage
● He invited Makkans to a feast but since the Makkans wanted him to leave in 3 days as agreed, the married outside Makkah
● She died in 61 AH , at the same spot where they were married
● She was last of the Prophet’s wives to follow him

12.Hazrat Rehana:

● Belonged to Banu Qurayza
● Captive of war
● Prophet proposed
● Initially reluctant, but finally agreed.

   13.Hazrat Maria Qibtia:

● She was a Christian
● Sent by the archbishop of Alexandria in Egypt as a gift to the Prophet
● She accepted Islam before reaching Medina
● Prophet married her
● Gave birth to Prophet’s son Ibrahim, who died in 10 AH

(Sir Iftikhar ul haq)

Prophet(s)'s Wives 

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